FavWorld Push Up Bralette: The New Comfort Style

The new thing in intimate fashions is a bralette, which is essentially a bra molded cups or wires. You can think about it as similar to a sports bra, but without strong elasticity to hold you in tightly.  Just like a regular bra, they have lacy or thin straps and even though they aren’t as strong as a sports bra, they offer a pretty good amount of support for women who have small to average size busts.

The most common materials used to make them are a cotton blend, microfiber or lace and they come in all kind of colors and designs and feature really lovely embellishments.

I am a big believer in wearing bras. I wear them all the time. I like the modesty they have and I want to avoid gravity doing it’s work on my tatas for as long as possible. However, I do not like my nipples being a fashion accessory. I want to make sure I am well-covered and even in my sexiest of outfits, I don’t want the headlights on for the world to see. I guess that’s just me.

So, I was very skeptical about brallettes at first. But, they are so pretty and can be worn a myriad of ways. You can wear them underneath sheer shorts, backles shirts, loose and off the shoulder clothing. You can even leave the top buttons of your blouse open so that your bralette peeks through in a flirty and sexy, but totally not floozy kind of way. So, I started trying a few.

And boy did I fall inlove! They are just so comfortable since there are no wires digging in to your skin. They are soft and are great when you want to be comfortable and need a break from your regular bra. They work really well for small to medium sized busts, so anything from a 30A to about a 38 C. And even though they don’t have molded cups, many of them do have a soft and light weight fabric to keep the nipples from poking out.

bralette vs bra

I am kind of over the standard boring bralette you will find at most stores. So, I’ve been perusing online (where I like to do a lot of my shopping) to find some pretty ones that can be delivered to me without even having to step outside of my home.

One of my favorite finds has been the Lace Racerback Breathable Bralette. at Thempthing.com. This is such a pretty and comfy piece! It has a thicker padding than many bralettes, so my nipples don’t poke out. But it’s still supportive and comfortable and feminine and really pretty. The design in the back is racerback, which looks really great with backless and off the shoulder shirts or casual dresses.

It comes in white, black and tan. But there’s also a beautiful burgundy one that is really beautiful and it’s my favorite. The color, the soft lace detail and the feminine air of the piece makes it really lovely and sexy.

You know what else makes this bralette comfortable? Besides the soft lace that feels delicate against your skin, it is a pullover style of bra. It’s easy to slip on and off without having to deal with claps, hoops, buttons or zippers that are uncomfortable and awkward, especially when they dig into your breasts or back.

The website where I got it from is also really great. They have a variety of items at really great prices and they ship anywhere! The prices are really great and you can get most of the things for 50% off anywhere else! So, check out favworld.com for this bralette and for any other one of their awesome pieces at great prices.

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