The kitchen recipes to weight loss

When we want to lose weight we need a great variety of cooking recipes to be able to perform with ease. Sometimes it is difficult to follow a strict diet, so it is good to know some kitchen recipes to make yourself when you want. Feeding is the key to losing weight and having the body you always dreamed of. You no longer have excuses to continue with your overweight, begin today to make these exquisite low calorie home cooking recipes.healthy kitchen recipes

Kitchen recipes with protein

Lhasa protein is a very important part of the diet, like many other proteins, plus it helps to lose weight and does not bring in large amounts of calories. The meat dish with salads is something traditional in any diet, but you can make some variations to make it tastier. When you are cooking the meat can be seasoned with mustard or ground pepper. This way you change its flavor and you get a different and tasty dish.

The salads can be varied. The green salad is the best option, is made with lettuce, arugula and raw spinach, accompanied with fresh avocado and lemon juice. This recipe of salad cuisine brings many vitamins and minerals to the body, plus it helps to lose weight quickly.

Pasta is also permitted provided that dietetic flour is used. Encourage yourself to make some dietary gnocchi. It is cooked half a kilo of potatoes, once cooked they are pureed and an egg white and two cups of whole wheat flour are added. All ingredients are joined and a dough is formed. Then strips are formed which are cut and passed through the gneiss molding machine. You can use a fork in case you do not have the special machine. Once they were made all the gnocchi are placed in boiling water and removed when they are cooked.

Sweet kitchen recipes

The sweet side is one of the most liked by people. Being on a diet does not mean that we have to deprive ourselves of everything the people can be eaten as long as they are low in calories. Pancakes are a good choice for making dietary desserts. You can buy the pancakes already made or make them yourself and always have it at your fingertips. For the filling choose products like low calorie cream cheese along with some fruit.

Fruit smoothies are very nutritious and are ideal for weight loss. A great variety of fruits can be mixed and very interesting and different flavors can be obtained. Try mixing different fruits every day to drink really delicious and nutritious smoothies. You will notice how your body makes a big change in a week of taking these shakes.

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